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No deposit required, pay only if you like the finished result!

I LOVE it. Thanks so much. It really looks like him you did a great job. - Wende
That's great! You've captured her perfectly. - Ken

Welcome to my website. I'm Elizabeth Cereby and I would love to paint your dog or cat. When you commission my watercolor or pen and ink pet portraits you get art that looks like it was made from life and not a photo. For more information and to see more examples click the individual pages for the type of portrait that interests you.

watercolor dog portraits

Watercolor Pet Portraits

Hand painted on 100% acid-free white paper in a unique style that gives the look of an oil painting as seen in this English Bulldog, or painted in a modern watercolor style like at the top of this page. They come enclosed in a mat and are secured in the back with foamcore backing.

Sizes listed is the size of the mat.
pen and ink dog portraits

Pen and Ink Pet Portraits

Made in pen and ink on white acid free paper with black drawing ink in a stippling technique (tiny dots and strokes). Mat included with foam core backing. Three sizes are available:

Sizes quoted is the overall size of the mat.

Promotional Discount

I want more cats in my portfolio so I'm giving 20% off the price on all commissions for watercolor or pen and ink cat portraits no matter what size.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

I have lots of happy customers and would like you to become one of them. Please don't hesitate to contact me, at with any questions you may have. I would be pleased to hear from you and reply back usually within 24 hours during the work week.

What My Customers Have Said

The painting is absolutely wonderful...He looks so noble in your painting and that's how we would like to remember him. - Brian

Recieved the portrait today, it is beautiful! Took it to Michaels to have it framed, Thank You so much! - Roberta

I received the portrait, and it looks fabulous. Thanks, - Kimberly

I think its wonderful! I'm sure my friend will appreciate will love it. Thank you. - Kathy

Just wanted to let you know we received our portrait of Calli and Taylor today------------------------ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! - Catherine

It looks great - I am very pleased with it. - Cindy

Whether it's a portrait of your dog or cat, I would love for you to also become one of my happy customers.